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How To Use Business Stories To Boost Your Bottom Line (webinar)

Submitted By: Karen Susman and Associates

Start Date: 8/12/20 11:00am

End Date: 8/12/20 12:00pm

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Phone for RSVP: (303) 756 6939

Creating Predictable Revenue: How to Consistently Convert Leads into Paying Clients

Submitted By: Dean Isaacs (Vantage Group) & Ian Campbell (Mission Suite)

Start Date: 8/19/20 2:00pm

End Date: 8/19/20 3:00pm

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If you have ever struggled with consistently converting enough leads into paying customers, join Dean Isaacs and Ian Campbell on August 19th for this webinar.

So any business owners feel like their time spent on generating leads is wasted. Why?

They don’t know how to convert those leads into sales and create a predictable method to turn those leads into PAYING clients.

So pull up a chair with Dean and Ian as they discuss how to bring your buyers into the final stages of their journey and turn them into paying clients predictably.