Author: Finola Annibella

June Meeting: Impacting Today’s Generational Workforce

In June we welcome Brooke Chesnut who will share the most recent data from Fortune 100 CEO’s, Top Business Periodicals and Personal Success Stories describing why this next decade is so important for Corporate Culture. He will discuss 3 fundamental trends for Leadership to share immediately with your current workforce, so they can make an impact upon what drives Culture, How to apply a Culture Shift and how to build Culture that will Retain Today’s Top Talent in a Remote Workforce Environment.

Brooke Chesnut has invested 38 years building successful corporate teams in Sales and Leadership. Drawing from these experiences, Brooke inspires CEOs, Senior Leaders, Business Owners, HR Professionals and Directors / Managers to improve their Leadership skills. Brooke is passionate about disrupting the status quo in Corporate America by impacting Leaders to think differently about their Culture while leveraging Generational Diversity and Communication to create a foundation of trust and success for the future.

April Meeting: Nancy Gedeon, Colorado State Demographer

We look forward to hearing from Nancy Gedeon, a Colorado demographer, about the state of affairs in Colorado as well as specifics on our economy. Profile photo of Nancy GedeonNancy Gedeon joined the State Demography Office in 2020 as the estimates demographer. The State Demography Office is the primary state agency for population and demographic information which is used by state agencies, local governments, and non-profit organizations. Nancy has experience with local government and community development, and is certified with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). She has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, and a master’s degree in urban planning and development from Cleveland State University.

March Meeting: Porter-Billups Leadership Academy at Regis University

“Giving Denver Kids a Hand Up, Not a Handout”

The Lonnie Porter Leadership Academy was founded in 1996 by Lonnie “Coach” Porter.  In 2006, Chauncey Billups partnered with Coach Porter and the program was renamed the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy (“PBLA”).  PBLA helps youth from at-risk communities who have demonstrated academic and leadership potential to successfully graduate from high school and pursue higher education.  Students enroll in a three-week summer program during the summer before their fourth grade year and continue to attend the academy every summer through their junior year of high school.  Upon completion of the program, graduates who qualify for admission to Regis University are eligible to receive a scholarship to Regis University that covers tuition and fees.  Please join us to learn more about PBLA and how we are inspiring Denver’s young leaders.

Jennifer Clark is a former Denver Public School teacher who found her passion for educating young people was greater than the confines of a standard curriculum.  As a result, she started teaching at PBLA in 2015 and then became the Assistant Director of PBLA in 2017.  Jennifer’s contributions to PBLA have included recruiting students, assembling and leading a diverse faculty, developing a relevant curriculum that focused on overcoming barriers faced by the students, as well as establishing authentic relationships with the students that both support them while they navigate the world we live and while they hone their leadership skills for the future.