Peer Advisory Groups

One of the most valuable benefits of the Denver Advisory Board is the opportunity to join a Peer Advisory Group.

Groups meet once a month for 1½-2 hours and are comprised of 8 to 12 members each. Each group has its own personality, meeting day and time, structure, and functions a little differently. Gatherings can consist of member updates, a member presenting a pertinent issue or opportunity to garner feedback from the group, or members participating in a business exercise or discussion.

As groups are built on mutual trust and sometimes involve members’ confidential information, industry conflicts are unlikely, and permission must be obtained from a facilitator before visiting any PAG. If there are no groups accepting new members when a member wants to join, the options are to either facilitate a new group or wait for an opening in an existing group.


“My DAB Peer Advisory group is my personal board of directors. The monthly gatherings provide me with opportunities to float an idea or ask for feedback on a problem or issue. Because no one else in my group works in my industry, the information I get back is unbiased, unencumbered and often eye-opening. It helps me focus on my message so that it resonates with my business’ audience. As all of us in the group come to know each other better and better, the help, advice and guidance will continue to be more valuable.” – Doug Phelps, Colorado Home Realty

“Our meetings are hosted at different places around town, hosted by a member who also brings breakfast. Many of our members have been attending this group for close to a decade. We keep to a standard format with the host being prepared to discuss a particular challenge and/or opportunity. Members understand that meetings are a ‘safe space’ and all conversations are confidential.” Robin Whitelaw, RWCI

For more information, contact the Committee Chair for Peer Advisory Groups.