Peer Advisory Groups

One of the most valuable benefits of the Denver Advisory Board is the opportunity to join a Peer Advisory Group. The DAB’s Peer Advisory Groups are designed as confidential forums for members to help each other discuss the challenges they face in their businesses, and gather ideas and feedback from other members. Many consider their Peer Advisory Groups their unofficial board of directors, and enjoy connecting with other members on a deeper and more meaningful level.

PAGWebsitePictGroups meet once a month for one and a half to two hours, and are comprised of six to ten members. During each meeting, a member presents a pertinent issue or opportunity to garner feedback from the group. Time is also allocated for each member to provide a business update, as well as to review action items from previous discussions.


“I have been a member of the Denver Advisory Board for about a year and a half and I joined my Peer Advisory Group (PAG) about 1 year ago. Previously I have been a member of two other Advisory Groups in other organizations. What separates and elevates the DAB’s Advisory Groups is the quality of the members, the diversity of their professions, the depth of their experience, the PAG’s value system and our friendship; which has been built from our interaction as DAB members and as part of the PAG.

One of the hardest things for business people to do is ask for HELP and we all need help. The trust we have built in my Peer Advisory Group with our friendship, values of transparency and confidentiality encourage us to ask for help and be open to each other’s input. The PAG membership also holds us accountable to act on the issues that we bring to the group. It has provided a great value to the success of my company.”

– Walker Williams, President, Forte Human Resources

“My DAB Peer Advisory group is my personal board of directors. The monthly gatherings provide me with opportunities to float an idea or ask for feedback on a problem or issue. Because no one else in my group works in my industry, the information I get back is unbiased, unencumbered and often eye-opening. It helps me focus on my message so that it resonates with my business’ audience. As all of us in the group come to know each other better and better, the help, advice and guidance will continue to be more valuable.”

– Doug Phelps, Consultant, Colorado Home Realty

For more information on Peer Advisory Groups, please contact:
Colleen Belak