About the DAB

Denver Advisory Board

In 1975 the Denver Advisory Board (DAB) was founded with the purpose of bringing business and community leaders together and promoting the development of new relationships that bring value to their organizations as well as the community.

The DAB delivers additional value to members by facilitating presentations, programs and events throughout the year that offer:

  1. Opportunities to widen social circles, spheres of influence, positively impact our community and create new business relationships.
  2. Forums for encouraging business growth and exchanging management ideas.
  3. Knowledge that expands our perspective and awareness on issues connected to our business, our community and our professional futures.



We meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Click here for future meeting dates.


Marquee Events

And get together socially three times a year for our marquee events:

  • New Year Kickoff Party (January).
  • Golf/Dinner Event (July).
  • Fall Social (September).


Other Events

Other events that are organized in between our monthly meetings include:

  • Quarterly Happy Hours typically held at an office of one of our members.
  • Multiple community outreach volunteer events are organized each year.
  • A ski day, bowling event and bike event.
  • Members are encouraged to meet one-on-one for coffee or lunch.