January Meeting – Charles Fred, Strategy for Growth

Charles Fred is an American Entrepreneur and Researcher.  Best known for a body of work to positively influence the success of small businesses.  He has inspired a movement to help entrepreneurs create conditions for a sustainable growth, and through this effort, to stimulate thousands of new jobs.  

In 2014, Charles Fred and his daughter, Jamee, co-founded TrueSpace, a firm that helps entrepreneurs move from the startup phase to the middle market.  In February of 2020, TrueSpace, in partnership with the Gallup Organization, announced the release of a multi-year research effort detailing the operating conditions that must be present for a small business to consistently reach the middle market.

Over his nearly 40-year career, Charles has founded and led three companies into the middle market generating over $220 million in enterprise value.  He is a long-time resident of Colorado, an elite masters distance runner, outdoor enthusiast and cancer survivor.  He and Julie, his wife, dedicate much of their time with their family, mentoring young people and entrepreneurs, and giving back to the community. 

Presentation Overview:

Join the conversation that began at Gallup’s Great Hall in Washington D.C. and published in the New York Time, Inc. and Forbes.

The research includes data from 2,500 business owners gathered by TrueSpace and Gallup to investigate the operating conditions that foster sustainable growth among post-startup companies.

The study builds on the results of a four-year ethnographic analysis by TrueSpace, which were used to develop a conceptual framework of five operating conditions associated with sustainable business growth. Gallup and TrueSpace used the framework to develop a quantitative instrument — called the Five Conditions Assessment — on which the current results are based.

Charles Fred, CEO of TrueSpace, will present the findings of the research and the significant implications for entrepreneurs and investors.