March Meeting – Leading in a Rapidly Changing, Complex, Distributed Environment

Blendification … Leading in a rapidly changing, complex, distributed environment
By Dan Bruder

Profile photo of Dan Bruder

At our March breakfast meeting, we will hear from Dan Bruder, co-founded Blendification to help reinvigorate business as a positive force in society.  With today’s remarkable volatility in labor and consumer markets, many businesses aren’t adapting at the pace necessary to stay ahead of external changes.  Social and technological factors are making it easy for employees and customers to disconnect leaving business leaders lost.  In response, businesses are focused on short-term fixes and overlooking the heart of the issue and the related opportunity.  Human beings need to connect and belong, and business needs to serve this core desire to realize potential.  Essentially, we need to stop seeking the mythical work-life balance and pursue the reality of work-life blend.

Dan’s commitment to blending work and life to enhance the lives of employees, customers, and communities is highlighted in his TEDx Talk, “The Blendification of Work and Life builds Communities.” The process by which organizations accomplish Blendification is outlined in his book, “The Blendification® System: Activating Potential by connecting Culture, Strategy, and Execution.”  Further, his company created the Strategy Whiteboard and Personal Whiteboard which have been digitalized leading to a new industry segment called ConsulTech (consulting technology).

The Strategy Whiteboard and Personal Whiteboard software apps unify and streamline traditionally high-priced and time-consuming strategy, leadership, and personal development consulting programs providing efficient access to everyone in the company through technology. As a result, companies can proactively adapt to external changes and fulfill employee’s core human needs of connecting and belonging and this can be done through work.