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Jim Nussbaum
The Kentwood Company I began my residential real estate sales career in 1970 and have been selling residential real estate ever since. For several years I was the no. one real estate salesman in Colorado based upopn production, and in 1981 I founded the Kentwood Company. IMy partners and I sold the company in 2007, and the people to whom we sold the company in turn sold to Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett. After the sale I stayed with the company in a non-ownershiop, sales capacity, and have a team of four, including myself. Last year the team and I sold over $34.0 Million in closed volume. We are very knowledgeable in all geographic areas of the metropolitan area, and will welcome any oopportunity to help any of your real estate needs, whether buying or selling. Thanks you. Jim
Julie Mansfield
Top Tier Talent Solutions, LLC
Phone: 3038886474
Dean Isaacs
Vantage Group LLC
Phone: 7204491020
Bob Carrothers
Vistage Worldwide
Phone: (720) 353-3515
Fax: 320-323-3515
Wes Garnett
W. Garnett & Associates
Phone: (303) 658-9342
Kevin Grossman
White Oak Global Advisors
Phone: 303-379-3081
Carter Freeman
Phone: 3032508466
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