Author: Denver Advisory Board

Letter From the President

Letter From the President

Dear DAB membership,

“On Halloween the parents sent their kids out looking like me.” – Rodney Dangerfield

In the good ole days when I was a youngin’ Halloween was quite the event. I would slather mom’s mascara all over my face at an attempt to look scary or older or whatever the feeling was at that time. I’d shove the couch pillow under whichever old flannel shirt I’d steal from my father’s closet and hit the road. My mission was to ring the doorbells of as many houses as humanly possible. The ultimate goal was filling an old pillowcase to its fullest capacity with a variety of sugar-filled morsels. Pretty sure I stayed in a sugar coma for the first few weeks following the scary holiday.

On one particular occasion I remember devising what I thought was the perfect strategy. My buddy and I would switch costumes mid-way and circle back to the houses we had already visited. Everything was going great until Mrs. Faulkner recognized us and emphatically stated, “Mikey, I know that is you in a different costume and you don’t get any more candy. If a single egg touches my house tonight, I know where your parents live.” That was it…the plan ended immediately.

That experience taught me a couple of valuable lessons…there are no shortcuts for treats. If you want the prize you must be willing to work hard, honest and have character in all you do. Also, if you’re going to switch costumes make sure you’re wearing an actual mask. Duh.

Mike Butler