Jayne Sanders

I help people love their lives and work! As a Purpose & Law of Attraction Coach, I first identify your innate life purpose, special gifts, and blind spots keeping you from the more consistent joy, fulfillment, and success you crave. Then I guide you into living the purposeful passionate life yoiu deserve. My entree assessment tool is Scientific Hand Analysis, a neuroscience technology so accurate that FORBES wrote an article about me and the work. My ideal clients are busy executives and entrpreneurs who feel bored, stuck, unfulfilled, or like something is missing in their lives...kind of like they've lost their passion or mojo. It doesn't take long to turn this around and love your life!

Business Consulting

Purpose Wisdom

Phone: (303) 828-8333

NA - I have clients around the globe, I work via Zoom and record each session, both hand analysis (using handprints) and coaching session.