Jayne Sanders

I work with leaders and business owners to help them align with their purpose and authenticity, therby becoming even more effective role models while increasing their fulfillment and joy.

Using a unique and highly accurate neuroscience technology as my core assessment tool (FORBES wrote an article about me and the accuracy of this work), I help them achieve that inspired purpose, joy, and meaning they crave in your life and work.

I work with teams to increase engagement and productivity while igniting stronger teamwork through in-depth understanding of and appreciation for each other. My work positively impacts retention by helping assign projects to the right people, and place people in the positions that will resonate with their core authenticity, purpose, and gifts. And I can identify their passions outside of work to increase the joy and fulfillment in their lives…which will make them happier and more productive overall.

Business Consulting

Purpose Whisperer

Phone: (303) 828-8333

NA - I have clients around the globe, I work via Zoom and record each session, both hand analysis (using handprints) and coaching sessions.