May Monthly Meeting: Member Engagement, Guests Welcome to Join!

From Bob Dodge, Chair of our Member Engagement Committee:

Many of us enjoyed seeing one another in April and we look forward to seeing more DABBERs in person in May.  As we learned, via the survey, we clearly value relationships with one another, and it is to that end that we will use the bulk of our time in May doing just that.  We will sit at assigned tables with people who are not in our PAG, not on our committee and a mix of new and old members.  Rather than focus on what we do, we’ll share who we are.  Be thinking about this and come prepared to share who you are among your clients, peers, co-workers, and relatives.  Also come prepared to learn things about DAB members that you don’t currently know.

For in-person attendance, RSVP here.

Yes, Zoomers will get the same opportunity via assigned breakout rooms as fellow in-person members/guests.  If you plan to Zoom, please let Finola know.  Thank you!