September’s Meeting Topic: Employee Engagement

We will be hosting David Dye at our September Breakfast Meeting.

His topic is: 7 Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say

DavidDyeEngaged and motivated teams are essential to success. In this interactive presentation, participants will gain specific phrases, tools, and inspiration to cultivate an innovative, responsible, results-oriented team. It doesn’t require buckets of charisma – they just need to hear these seven things.

Participants will discover:

• The secret to doubling the productivity of their entire team in just 5 minutes a month (unbelievable until you hear how it’s done).

• Ways to dynamically reverse the team’s attitude from “we can’t” to an enthusiastic “we can” without threats, large sticks, or begging.

• Easy to implement tools to find more time for their work and get more work from their team (and make it home in time for dinner!).

• Methods to build teams stacked with eager problem solvers, not reactionary problem catchers. It may surprise you a bit, but follow the plan exactly for stunning results…

• And way, way more!