Scott Farrell

FarrellName:  Scott Farrell

Title:  Vice President, i2 Construction – a commercial general contractor that is focused on building long term relationships. Working with passionate clients and teams, we provide timely construction solutions to ensure success. i2 Construction provides the “WOW” factor when an organization is considering relocation, remodel or expansion. Working with visionary clients, i2 provides the construction solution to organizations that are passionate about their identity, culture and brand. We support our clients who value enhanced productivity, creativity and performance that comes from unique and innovative office environments while providing the ideal client experience.

But when not working, I like to … (hobbies, activities) … attend concerts with my wife, and attend as many as my kids soccer games as I can; battle traffic to the ski hills a couple of times a year, sneak out golfing as much as I can, and get my weekly adult hockey game in…

* I’m originally from … (home town) … Madison, WI

and a graduate from … (school, university) … University of Wisconsin – Madison.

I came to/stayed in Colorado for … get away from small town Wisconsin, join other family in town, live in a young, fun, active environment that doesn’t turn grey for 5 months every year and call it Winter!

* My family consists of … (spouse, significant other, kids, etc.) … Wife Heather, son Ayden (14) and daughter Avery (11),

who enjoy … (hobbies, activities) …  soccer, movies, video games and books,

and pet(s) … 3 dogs – Nala, Petey and Biscuit.

* Most favorite book read is … everything business related,

and the most recent book I read is Aspire.

* My favorite restaurant is … too many to pick one!

* At the end of the rainbow, there is … a pot of gold!

* Something you don’t know about me is … I enjoy finding out the little things about people to introduce them to others that may have similar interests.

* My #1 goal for 2016 is … to take care of myself…if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t be the best father, husband, partner, friend, coach and general acquaintance that you can be!