February’s Meeting Topic: What is the “Exit Bubble” and how will it impact the sale of your business?

Tensie Homan Axton will be speaking about:  What is the “Exit Bubble” and how will it impact the sale of your business?  Tackling the emotional side of selling & why valuation can be tricky. ​

Tensie has demonstrated vision and leadership throughout her career, earning her the respect of CEOs and Boards of public and private companies throughout the U.S.

Tensie is currently Co-founder and CEO of ExitBubble.com, an online platform that empowers business owners with the confidence, tools and insights to make sound decisions when exiting their business.

Tensie Axton_DABPrior to ExitBubble.com, she was a Founder, Executive Vice President and CFO of Colorado National Bancorp, a start-up bank holding company, where she raised $200 million in capital commitments from private equity and individuals.  Prior to being a CFO, she was a partner with KPMG for eight years where she built two successful Transaction Services Practices within KPMG (Silicon Valley and Denver) and served as Office Managing Partner for KPMG’s Denver office of 400 professionals.

Tensie is a CPA and an experienced mergers and acquisitions professional having performed due diligence on over 200 companies (over 100 in technology) during the past 14 years in the US and internationally.  She also led two finance integration projects for multi-billion dollar companies in the mining and waste management industries.  She brings a diverse background having lived in multiple markets (Denver, San Francisco, Dallas/Fort Worth) and, as a National Transaction Services Partner, working on transactions in every major market of the U.S.  She also led international transactions in Asia, Europe, the UK, Latin America, Australia and Canada.